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Educating as only we can

At Kennedy Mortgage Corporation, we strive to have customers and partners who not only choose us to handle their commercial loans, but also are educated about the market that they are choosing to involve us in. This is key to us at Kennedy Mortgage Corp, because we acknowledge that it is only through utilizing the power of knowledge that one’s true potential can be reached. We seek to create partners who are adept in the commercial property lending field.
One way that we achieve this goal of educating our customers and strategic partners, is by giving them detailed explanations at each step of the process to acquiring their desired commercial property loan. Unlike other lending companies, we never try to keep you in the dark. Kennedy Mortgage Corp strives to ensure that our customers know the ins and outs as well as the advantages and the disadvantages of any choice they are about to make with us.
You can count on our company for transparency when it comes to everything involved in your commercial loan process; from fees to rates.

Sharing knowledge as only we can

Our interest at Kennedy Mortgage Corporation in you, our valued customer and strategic parner, exceeds just educating you on each step of your loan process. As a company, we have taken it a step further to create a free eBook that will help you on the path to become commercial property lending savvy.
This free eBook is unlike any others on the market. It is not a rudimentary guide with hard-to-follow steps and complex words and abstract definitions. Instead, the eBook gives a detailed explanation of the property lending field, and gives examples of various types of commercial property lending that are available to you. The various types of properties that are out there will be explained as well, inclusive of keys to good underwriting, and a list of important questions to ask before acquiring a property. Also, to help you understand the content of each chapter, working examples are provided.
If the readers of our free eBook apply themselves and all the tips, tricks and steps recorded in the book, it will provide the reader with the bridge needed to be successful in the endeavor of commercial property lending. If you are looking for a career change, or simply need more information on the field, this book along with the expertise of Kennedy Mortgage Corporation will be what you need to build a successful working knowledge of Commercial Property Lending.
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