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Section 3 Available for Free Download Now!

Section 3 Available for Free Download Now!

Within the world of commercial property lending, knowledge is power. You can only make the best choices about your investment when you have the adequate expertise to do so. When the need for a powerful advisor arises, Kennedy Mortgage Corporation comes to the rescue! This is why their website is rightly coined This need is especially real for beginners, since the world of commercial lending can seem like an insurmountable feat from the outside looking in. Also, the commercial lending market can be a dog eat dog world, therefore it’s especially important for beginners to get all the help they can.

That is where Keith Kennedy and Kennedy Mortgage Corporation join the equation. After almost 35 years in the business and having originated more than one billion dollars in loans, Kennedy Mortgage Corporation has witnessed the ups and downs of the commercial property lending field, as well as witness first-hand the issues that first timers face. It was this obvious need within the society that spurred Keith Kennedy to author the book Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners. What’s more is that this book is available for FREE download, to anyone who is interested in learning the ropes of the fundamentals of income property lending.

However, what makes Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners so unique from all the other real estate education courses out there? The proof is within the chapters. This free eBook provides the reader with much more than just abstract concepts with ill-defined words. Kennedy Mortgage Corporation’s free eBook is the complete opposite of that!

Section Three of Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners is dedicated to the types and examples of loans. In itself, this feature may seem like something common, but Keith Kennedy takes it a step further. This book facilitates a workbook-like environment, which helps readers to calculate actual loan payments through the use of a financial calculator. Section Three: Types and Examples of Loans includes examples of several types of Income Property Loans and a brief explanation of each loan with the payment and balloon payment calculated. This allows the student an opportunity to calculate a payment on a similar loan.

The way this workbook section of the eBook is set up allows readers a chance to not only calculate the types of loans given, but provides them with the knowledge and expertise to calculate payments on virtually any loan. The examples contained within the book can be referred to whenever there are questions on the calculations. By the end of Section Three alone, the reader will have learned a treasure trove of invaluable information, information that will last them a lifetime.

A sample practice question contained within this book attacks a topic that many individuals find quite daunting: How to calculate partially amortized loans or balloon payment loans as they are otherwise called. The amortization term for these loans can be anywhere from 15-30 years, but the remaining balance (balloon payment) is due before the loan is fully paid out. Each step to calculating this type of loan is explicitly detailed, and the reader is never left in the dark. Through the use of a mortgage calculator, or a mortgage calculator app, one can quickly find the solutions to the problems given, as well as foresee how to apply the principles in other loan payment calculation situations.

The description of each type of loan recorded in this chapter far exceeds the typical. This part of the book can rightly be called a “concise encyclopaedia” on all things about real estate lending. Since the information contained was authored by an actual professional in the business, everything is summarised and to the point. Everything you need to know is within this free eBook, and all the other confusing things that you don’t need to know are left out.


Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners is more than just an eBook! It’s a eWorkbook, the first of its kind in the commercial real estate field. This book effectively becomes your teacher through its pages, and the knowledge it will impart to you is unparalleled by any other book on the market to date. The fact that it is completely FREE is just an incentive, compared to the invaluable information that it will impart to you.

For more information about Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners and how to obtain your free copy, email us at

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