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Commercial Properties 101: Shopping Centers

Commercial Properties 101: Shopping Centers

Jumping into the commercial income property lending market can be one thing, yet having the proper skills and accurate knowledge to make it a profitable and worthwhile experience is completely different. It can seem like groping in the dark if you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s never good to be under informed when it comes to spending money. Having a partner to help you understand the market is most often the deciding factor between insurmountable profit, and a huge loss.

If you know anything about commercial property lending, you’ll know that one of the kind of properties that are used in this field are Shopping Centers. However, aside from the consumer perspective, do you know the origin of shopping centers, what they are designed for, their price on the market, and the ins and outs of utilizing them in the commercial property lending market? That’s highly unlikely if you’re a beginner. So, where can you get help?

Kennedy Mortgage Corporation, headed by Keith Kennedy has proved to be the saving grace for many individuals in the commercial property lending market. The team at KMC has been dedicated to helping individuals work out the specifics of their loans within the market. Keith Kennedy is also dedicated to working with individuals (both beginners and experts) to help them accurately take advantage of the multi-billion dollar commercial real estate market. It is for this reason that Kennedy Mortgage Corporation has put together a FREE eBook, authored by Keith Kennedy, entitled Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners. This book gives you the low down on everything you need to know about income property lending when it comes to commercial real estate, from the perspective of a professional in the game who has originated over one billion dollars in loans!

In the eBook, each kind of property within the commercial real estate market it discussed extensively, to help educate you. The topic of shopping centers is no different, what can you expect to learn about shopping centers in the free eBook?

  • Shopping centers have existed in some form for more than 1,000 years as ancient market squares, bazaars and seaport commercial districts. However, the modern shopping center, which includes everything from small suburban strip centers to the million-square-foot super regional mall had its genesis in the 1920s
  • Just as in Office Building loan requests, there is concern among lenders about high vacancy rates in retail shopping centers. Because of lender and builder enthusiasm there is a great deal of overbuilding in most areas of Shopping Centers, especially smaller retail shopping centers.
  • The unknown stability plus the high turnover of tenants in smaller shopping centers, causes lenders considering this type of loan request to advance less than 75% loan to value in most cases.
  • The success or failure of any retail shopping center is dependent on its location and convenience to the shopping public.
  • The average enclosed mall contains 875,187 sq. ft. of total floor space.
  • Shopping center-related employment totaled 12.5 million jobs in 2013.
  • Apparel and accessories stores account for 57.8% of all non-anchor mall space.

How Will The Information About Shopping Centers in Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners Help You?

This chapter on shopping centers within Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners goes a lot deeper than giving you basic facts, or random pieces of information about shopping centers. Instead, it’s a chapter dedicated to demystifying myths about shopping centers, as well as giving you every vital piece of information you need to know. This ranges from background history that covers 80+ years of existence for this kind of property, to vital information about tenants, terms of the lease, neighborhood analysis and site improvements. This free eBook gives you the most comprehensive information about shopping centers, all in one place.

If you’re looking to take a jump into the commercial real estate market, or you’re just looking to clarify your knowledge and brush up your skills, Commercial Real Estate: Fundamentals of Income Property Lending for Beginners is the eBook for you! It has a treasure trove of knowledge that will help you actualize your dream of becoming adept at commercial property lending, and it’s completely free! Lets begin!

Email us at to get your copy today! 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